Sublime Underwater Sculptures

Resurrection Sculpture
Resurrection, depth 4m, MUSA Collection, Punta Nizuc, Mexico

Jason deCaires Taylor has produced profoundly beautiful underwater sculptures. Although Taylor seeks to encourage environmental awareness, prompt social change and encourage us to value the beauty of the underwater world, I believe there is a deeper meaning.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, water is a Jungian symbol for the spirit and intuition. These submersed sculptures symbolise our connectedness with all living and non-living things. As the sculptures attract sea life; algae, corals, and starfish, the sculptures integrate with the sea’s natural environment demonstrating that we are not separate from our environment. A quiet beauty emerges out of the slow transformation of the sculptures – a signal that perhaps we too can learn to quiet our impulse of rapid change. Perhaps slowing down is where we can connect with our creative source – intuition. Perhaps this is where beauty lies.