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Forsyth Coffee House

I have always thought that being a tourist in your own city is a great way to capture the delights hiding in surprising places. By good luck I was invited to experience the “Sydney Forsyth Coffee Hunt” walking tour. The tour begins in a charming and eclectic old world coffee house, the Forsyth Coffee House cafe, St Leonards, belonging to Rob Forsyth, connoisseur and judge of many fine coffees.

Coffee cupping to determine taste, aroma and flavour.
Coffee cupping to determine taste, aroma and flavour.

Rob carefully introduces us to the history of coffee production, brewing methods and how to taste coffee with all its attending flavours. I surprised myself by correctly identifying the coffee roast amongst three unmarked brews – a testimony to Rob’s teaching.

Skitte Lane Coffee
Skitte Lane Coffee

Rob kindly takes us into the city to meet our coffee hunt tour guide, Richard Tho, and our first stop is Skittle Lane cafe. Richard tells us a little of Skittle Lane’s history; once used as a bowling alley for sailors and soldiers. Skittle Lane cafe is minimalist in style with its sharp lines, clean finishes and bench seating, reminding us that coffee is the focal point.

skittle-lande-2My flat white, full bodied with hints of vanilla is enjoyed and appreciated; the result of dedicated roasters carefully selecting seasonal blends to produce premium coffee.

Single Origin Roasters, CBD

Next stop is the Single Origin Roasters cafe where we learn the seriousness of coffee production and the efforts Single Origin Roasters make; “forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating and tweeking…” to produce great coffee.

single-origin-roasters-2Richard orders a pour over single origin brew and we discuss the various merits of brewing methods.

Nitro coffee.

Along the way to our final destination, Pablo & Rusty’s cafe, we explore hidden laneways and remarkable landmarks and end up at Liberty Place, a blend of european warmth and industrial style. Richard orders a nitro coffee, a sophisticated alternative to iced coffee, perfect for the warmer months. (Secretly… I’d like to try it with a dollop of ice cream 🙂 )