I Miss New York

snow on car with "I love New York" Graffiti.
I Love NYC ’15 etched in snow. 26th Jan 2015

I love New York even more in winter.

I haven’t posted in a while due to other commitments, among them a trip to New York. I happened to be staying around the time a blizzard was predicted for the night of the 26/27th Jan 2015. Up until then I had enjoyed clear skies and fine weather with mild winter temperatures (32F) for New York that is… The city of New York for the first time in its history shut down in preparation for the blizzard. Cars, buses, taxis and trucks all began the evacuation late afternoon. Shops closed early. By 5-6pm the roads were empty and people were indoors.

Snow covered restaurant table. 26th Jan 2015.
Forgotten restaurant table. 26th Jan 2015.

The remarkable thing about this event was that while the city’s infrastructure shut down, the city and its people did not.

"Art LIves" etched on Broadway.
“Art Lives” etched on Broadway   27th Jan 2015 1:30am.

Art lives and so does New York. If you look closely at the top right hand corner of the above photo you may just make out someone walking their dog.

The NYC shut down continued the following day, with most services being closed and many New Yorkers made the most of this extraordinary day.

Skier in Central Park.
Cross country skier, Central Park. 27th Jan 2015.

I made the most of it by strolling through Central Park mesmerised by it’s snow bound magic.

Central Part 27th Jan 2015
Central Park, 27th Jan 2015

Central Park had a festive feeling that day. Children were out tobogganing on inclines, couples walked hand in hand and photographers with expensive cameras snapped up beautiful scenes of the lake. Snow does that to you. The whiteness touches everyone and resonates peace and happiness within.

3 Guys Restaurant on Madison Ave, 27th Jan 2015.
3 Guys Restaurant on Madison Ave, 27th Jan 2015.

After a long walk I escaped to a cafe on Madison Ave…