Thoughts Matter

Masaru Emoto: Harmony
Masaru Emoto: Harmony

Scepticism aside, Masaru Emoto (22/7/1943 – 17/10/2014) of “The Hidden Messages in Water” fame popularised the idea that consciousness can influence matter. Dr Emoto advocated that speaking or taping messages to water can alter its molecular structure. The photo shown above is an ice crystal formation in response to being shown Japanese words for ‘harmony.’ Fantastic as this may sound and disregarding the weaknesses in his experimental method the photo above does leave one to reflect on it’s beauty and assertion that thoughts matter. It’s a shame that Dr Emoto’s experimental method was questionable(2, 3) because the study of mindful intention influencing matter does have some sound scientific support (4, 5).

So this presents the question from a designer’s perspective: Does my attitude towards my client and the project imbue a subtle energy to the work that is not seen but felt? Could designs that are the result of a work environment that is respectful of both client and designer’s needs subtly communicate the very same thing. Could this be beneficial to both the client and designer economically, environmentally and socially?


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